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We specialise in legal services for our Pasifika people
in New Zealand and Samoa.

Civil Litigation Lawyer - Pasifika Law Team

These are matters dealt with by our Apia office that usually involve a breach of contract or the commission of a tort (a civil wrong, for example, trespass).

Criminal Law Lawyer

We act as Defence Counsel for those charged by the police with varying offences ranging from minor traffic offences who appear in Samoa’s District Court to more serious offences.

Debt Recovery Lawyer Samoa

After service of formal letters of demand on debtors, we initiate court proceedings for creditors in the District and Supreme Courts of Samoa

Enduring Powers of Attorney NZ

We assist with enduring powers of attorney in New Zealand (whether relating to property or personal care and welfare) and general powers of attorney in Samoa.

NZ Immigration Lawyer

Our speciality is in assisting those who need an advocate to submit their residency application to Immigration New Zealand or their citizenship application (in particular categories) to New Zealand’s Department of Internal Affairs.

Property Conveyancing Lawyer NZ & Samoa

We have assisted many families of different backgrounds in selling or buying a home (whether a first or subsequent sale or purchase).

Family Court Samoan Adoption Lawyer

Our lawyers have long practised in this area of Samoan law, namely adoption applications filed with the Family Court of Samoa.

Wills and Estates Lawyer

We can help you if you need to obtain a court order for probate (where your loved one has died with a will) or letters of administration (where s/he has died without a will).

Wills Lawyer in Samoa & NZ

We take instructions from clients about their wills, prepare those wills for them and usually witness our clients signing on the dotted line.

Our Legal Services

Serving You Is What We Do Best

With offices in Apia, Samoa and Auckland, New Zealand, our vision is to be faith-driven lawyers serving our communities in both countries and aiming to be trusted leaders in our areas of practice.

Pacific Islander Team

Legal advice or council is often required at a very stressful time. Pacific peoples have cultural and language differences that non Pasifika lawyers likely are unfamiliar with. We are able to support our community with our understanding of the needs of Polynesian tagata.

Experienced Lawyers

Our Team are qualified and have extensive experience in both New Zealand and Samoan Law. We are able to represent you in many legal aspects but are specialists in Property and Family Law. We are able to bridge the language and cultural divide in the English and Samoan speaking court systems.

Fotu Hoglund Profile

Fotu Hoglund


Fotu is based at our Auckland branch where she practises conveyancing as well as Samoan family law.

Once a person turns 21, they are an adult so those who are 20 years old and below are able to be adopted under Samoa’s Infants Ordinance 1961.

They must be 24 years old and under. For a child between 21 years and 24 years, they must not be working, not in a relationship or have a child and is financially reliant on their adoptive parents.

You must have been a member of the bank or other financial institution to which you make contributions for at least 3 years.

This means that your interest in the property does not pass on to your estate after you die but passes on to the other surviving joint tenant or tenants. If the other joint tenants die before you and you are the only owner left, the whole property is yours.

This is a request to the Minister of Immigration made by a person who is unlawfully in New Zealand and liable for deportation asking for a new visa. The Minister can grant or decline the application in his/her absolute discretion and does not have to give reasons for the decision.

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